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Latest Tax News

The Finance Act 2008 (Opens new window)

Section 127 and Part 1 of Schedule 43 (Appointed Day) Order 2014

Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) Rules - Guidance on Finance Bill 2014 proposed amendment

Guidance on the proposed amendment to the CFC rules in Clause 286 Finance Bill 2014 was published today.

Performance management system opens door for HMRC employees to be paid by results

HMRC’s performance management system could lead to a system of “payment by results” for some staff, Taxation has learned.

HMRC have always denied that staff receive bonuses for hitting targets of tax collected. ...

Anti-evasion power removes need for proof of intent

HMRC are to have new powers that make it easier for the department to prosecute people who hide money offshore.

The introduction of the offence of failing to declare taxable offshore income will mean any person with undeclared foreign income can face criminal action, even if they did not intend to evade taxes.

The Revenue currently ...